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Advanced Protection

Advanced Protection

Security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days – it’s estimated that a domestic burglary takes place every four minutes here in the UK. And 64% of businesses have experienced at least one crime over the past year.

With changes in police response policy proposed by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), standard alarms have been proven to be of no real value – for every incident, the police now need confirmation that a burglary is taking place before they will attend, meaning that over 90% of burglar alarms are ignored.

So here at Advanced Protection Systems, we have developed a unique 24-hour monitored security system, to protect not only properties but also the people within them.

Since our foundation in 2014, Advanced Protection Systems has achieved a great deal; our units are installed in a variety of big blue-chip organisations – clients include Travelodge, Marriot Hotels, Toshiba and a number of large pub chains – a feat of which we are all immensely proud.

So, how do we plan to stay ahead?
Quite simply, we need to continue to do what we do best – to make sure we have the technology and the know-how to protect our customers. Not only our existing customers, but a whole range of new customers, too.

This website gives you details of the approach that we strongly believe will keep us satisfying our customers, and ahead of our competitors, for many years to come. Once you’ve had a chance to read the website, I hope you’ll share our excitement and enthusiasm for the APS system.

The Market

The statistics regarding domestic crime here in the UK are frightening:

Every year 5.6% of UK homes are burgled
3 UK homes are burgled every minute
43% of burglaries happen when someone is at home, and in 19% of burglaries people actually see the burglar
82% of burglary victims are emotionally affected by the experience
1 in 5 of households burgled experience more than one incident in the year
20% of those burgled in 1997 had experienced one or more burglaries in the previous 5 years

The figures for businesses are no better:

64% of businesses have experienced at least one crime over the past year
47% of businesses have experienced more than one crime in the past 12 months
20% of businesses have suffered five or more crimes during the past year
one third of companies have been burgled during the past year, while a further 19% have suffered from attempted burglary
the average cost of crime per business is over £8,000 per year one third of businesses have suffered a disruption to trading as a result of crime committed against them, while a further 10% have lost business as a consequence of crime
one quarter of firms have seen their insurance costs increase as a result of crime, not to mention the damage to staff morale.
67% of firms say that a faster police response would be effective in reducing crime against their businesses.

Fire statistics also make scary reading:

There is a fire in a UK home every 8 minutes
79% of home fires are accidental
3 out of 4 fire deaths occur in homes.
It was as a result of these figures that Advanced Protection Systems decided to develop the APS system, a unique 24-hour monitored security system to protect properties and people.

Under Current Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Policy:

”The Police will NOT attend reports of a break-in unless it is a verified incident from an individual or electronic means.”

The APS System, together with the monitoring centre, will give the verification the police need, that an incident is occurring – consequently the police WILL respond.

Advanced Protection Systems intends to continue to do what it does best – to offer guaranteed peace of mind to both residential and commercial customer.

Advanced Protection Systems

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